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SECTION 1 Introduction

Part 1: Why another book on AD/HD?

Every few weeks, I receive a phone call from a concerned parent. Often, they are asking about one of the medications their son or daughter takes. The questions are usually prompted by something they heard on the news, saw in the newspaper, or read on the Internet. At other times, the question follows a conversation with a concerned friend or relative. It has become very arduous for parents to make decisions regarding their children's care. There is an inordinate amount of information that currently already exists. This book will seek to answer some of the following questions:

  • 1) Does my child really need treatment for "this AD/HD"?
  • 2) Should I be considering medications to help them?
  • 3) What about all the bad stuff you hear?
  • 4) Is it even going to make a difference?
  • 5) How do I go about making this decision?
  • 6) How long would they have to take this medicine?

Along with these questions, many other issues arise concerning the treatment of AD/HD. The aim of this book is to help parents make a well-informed decision regarding the treatment of AD/HD. The first significant step in making this decision is to determine whether your child or teenager even requires treatment. Once it has been decided that there is a need for treatment, an important part of making this informed decision is being aware of the available treatment options for AD/HD. Next, the strengths and weaknesses of the available treatment options must be evaluated.

The intention of this book is to empower parents with a vital understanding of the many fundamental aspects of AD/HD and its management. This book cannot and should not replace regular visits with your child's physician. Regular monitoring by a physician is paramount to the proper manage ment of AD/HD, whether your child is on medication or not. It is my strong belief that parents need to take a proactive role in their child or teenager's treatment. The focal point of this book is on the potential use of medication in the treatment of AD/HD. However, regardless of whether or not medications are used, there are non-medication strategies that must also be incorporated in the proper management of AD/HD.

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